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Agri Semm Global Brokerage specialises in multi origin sourcing of a wide range of natural and value added pulses for their network of buyers from around the world.

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Market Update May 2010


Seeding has started over most of South Australia, lesser than average rains earlier in the month caused many farmers to put seeding on hold but good rains last week bolstered confidence and seeding resumed.

In Victoria good rains through the Wimmera & Mallee have allowed seeding to proceed on good moisture profiles. In some areas reseeding will be necessary due to locust damage.


Seeding now around 60% complete for red lentils. Heavy rains over most of Saskatchewan in the last few days will mean that seeding will STOP while the ground dries out. Still too early to know if this delay to planting will affect the final planted area or production. Local traders are saying that farmers will be defensive until summer months when they can see how crop is progressing.


Harvesting now getting underway. Thirty trucks with new crop arrived at Mersin yesterday but traders slow to enter market. Exporters aggressively trying to make sales of split footballs and whole red lentils, prices have softened by around US$%) during the week.


During the week the only excitement has been the effects of Turkish exporters to get more sales booked. One major impediment to sales from any origin is the much higher than normal stock levels which is tying has stalled buyers cash flows. Offers for Turkish sortexed footballs were around US$900 -920 levels, old crop Canadian WRL offered at around US$730 with little interest at these levels, new crop WRL was offered to Indian Subcontinent at around US$670-690 levels. Australian traders are offering new crop desi’s at around US$440 – 460 for Dec, Jan shipment


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