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Agri Semm Global Brokerage specialises in multi origin sourcing of a wide range of natural and value added pulses for their network of buyers from around the world.

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Market Update August 2010

Chickpeas - Desi type.

Pakistan Buyers have come into the market later this month and a number of trades have been reported for prompt shipment from USD505 ending the week at around USD525 CFR Karachi.

Most likely reason is the terrible devastation caused by the floods and the concern at availability of everyday fundamental foodstuffs like chickpeas.

New crop is looking excellent although there are some issues with too much rain with water logging of some concern together with the increased risk of disease.


Chickpeas – Kabuli.

Markets around the world remain firm with process rising over the last two weeks, old crop from the USA & Canada is basically done and traders are reluctant to offer for new crop until the product is assured at harvest. New crop #2 ob B90 were indicated at USD930-950 level to Mid East destinations.

The news from Turkey is that crop will be well down on last year and the crops in Ukraine have been so badly affected by rain. Small size Ukraine Kabulis FD bulk were offered at USD800 CFR Damietta & Karachi late last week.




The position in Canada is hard to quantify. Some areas are well advanced into harvesting whereas other areas have just desiccated and are concerned about forecast rain events. Disease & quality issues are going to be a bigger problem than first envisaged. With the weather concerns most traders were absent from the market most of last week and only offers were from a few resellers. By the weekend some selling interest had returned at around USD760 levels. Demand from most of the major markets remains very subdued.

In Australia some of the traders are feeling more confident will be good this season, with current precipitation better than in previous years. The downsides remain, a hot spring, frost and locusts. While it is still too early to be definite, crop could be well over 200,000mt if above issues are not too serious.


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