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Agri Semm Global Brokerage specialises in multi origin sourcing of a wide range of natural and value added pulses for their network of buyers from around the world.

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Market Update June 2010

During the month both Pulse Australia and ABARE released their latest reports. 

Chick peas – Desi type.

Market was quiet for much of the month with a sudden burst of interest in the last few days. Bids from Karachi traders were a round US$475 CFRC1 level for July shipment. For new crop there is concern among exporters of the amount of chick peas already forward sold and the capacity of transport & logistics to cope. Estimates of new crop sales range from 130-150,000mt. 

Chick peas – Kabuli.

There was good interest during the month for mixed size 6 &7 MM Kabulis both bulk and bagged to traditional markets like Pakistan and Middle East.

Prices trended to firm towards the end of the month with weather concerns in Canada about the crop there.


Markets were quiet early in the month apart from a lot of activity from Turkish sellers targeting Ramadan sales. As the month progressed and weather concerns morphed into news on area planted farmer selling in Canada virtually ground to a halt for both old and new crop lentils. Prices for prompt lentils jumped to levels of around US$900 into Indian subcontinent but no sales we reported.

Late in the month there was some spirited demand for WRL from Pakistan and some small sales were made around US$850 CCRC1 Karachi. Sowing of a record 142,000 h/a up 37% on 2009 is completed and so far the growing conditions especially in Victoria have been ideal with further good rains in the last few days. This bodes well for a good crop this year.

CSCA Conference Canada July 11th - 14th.

There will be much interest in the current state and forecast of the Canadian pulse crop.


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